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Focus. Restore. Heal. | This community is created to help you intentionally draw near to God, follow His Spirit, & choose well daily. Why? Your purpose in Christ MATTERS... In the here & now. Life can be hard & have many distractions, but God has HIS LIFE for you right now. Walking it out takes training & community. We can be distanced, but not distant. That togetherness is a recipe for restoration. It's time to rebuild. You & me with Holy Spirit. Are you ready? (1 Tim 4:8, John 10:10, Heb 3:13)
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Keola Fit@KeolaFit
December 29, 2020
Craving Community?

This is like a church small group and close-knit fitness studio gathering rolled into one. We have workouts, wellness chats, testimonies, Bible study/devotionals, and candid God and life moments. If you enjoy any other Keola® content, you will LOVE this platform! I hope it becomes your go-to place for honesty, intimacy, wellness, challenge, and GROWTH in mind, body, the Word, and Christ. Check out this video for the vision. I hope you join us!

Click this link to recap options and join: (This link is available when you've created a free account with Locals, who does not sell/share your information... Yay! That is part of the formation of this platform. They value your privacy. See more in their privacy/terms.) You can enter any monthly amount you are stirred to offer or that aligns with your goals. An unpaid membership is also a blessing to help us reach our number goals, although you won't see our exclusive group content at this level.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Keola Fit@KeolaFit
14 minutes ago
Censorship & Weekly Live Prayer, Story, and Muscle Relieving Move

Hi friends! Here is last night's YouTube live for those of you who missed it. I plan to do these weekly, although it looks like it will be from my laptop. I have verified and waited 24+ hours, but I'm still getting this message from YouYube. It seems I've been getting censored. Not sure why, but I was flagged a few months ago when I went to change the returning video and an alert popped up telling me that video choice was restricted in certain areas and may not be viewable to everyone. It did it with a few of the newer more popular ones. I wouldn't have noticed otherwise (no email/notice given, no channel strikes... and I'm such a small fish comparatively!!) and since then have been watching analytics more frequently and sharing privately for prayer. At the time I thought maybe it was a country that doesn't allow the Gospel. 🤷‍♀️ I was praising God for the feedback that I'm clearly doing something right! 🙌

I'm no longer seeing that message, but, interestingly, my views ...

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Keola Fit@KeolaFit
February 24, 2021
LIVE ON YouTube Tonight! /keolafit

Thank you all for helping to meet this goal! Planning to go LIVE tonight for a special celebration with a newly named Keola position to boost you for good sleep and some prayer. Hope you can join me! 8pm EST. Please pray for all tech to work. Still not allowing me to go live on my phone, but they mentioned a window of delay. Thanks! Alli

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Keola Fit@KeolaFit
February 19, 2021

Anyone else diffuse oils? I keep a kettle of water on the woodstove all winter just to combat dry winter air. I like to add oils to make the house smell yummy. The other perks are just a bonus for me. I'm not a Young Living girl, but I love the smell of Thieves so I made my own version that is my current go to. Any favorites out there to give me some ideas?

#mentalhealth #nutrition

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