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Steel Focus | Get Intentional Challenge

Do you find yourself easily distracted, even small things stealing your focus? How would you like to exchange that stolen focus for STEEL focus?

I can help! For over 12 years, I've been dealing with people (Christians!) who HATE getting quiet. Intense busyness and constant visual/mental stimulation are often a byproduct of this aversion. Those things can affect your attention. I've learned there is a pretty consistent reason for all of this... So, we're gonna tackle it! Together, in the month of June.

Whaaaat? The month when weather heats up (for us in the North of the globe), kids are on break, and best intentions often tank. That's right! If you can nail it in that environment, you are ready to walk in laser-like, Jesus focus when you need it most. This is your training ground.

Join this Get Intentional Challenge for FREE.

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1. If you don't have one already, create a free account here with Locals. Your information is kept private. You are not tracked and targeted for advertisements or your personal identification sold as product. That is a primary purpose of Locals... to offer a different way to connect. It's a good reason to be here.

2. Join the Keola Fit and Fiery Community AND Support. Since you aren't sold, Locals has to make money somewhere to run this. Subscription based access is part of it. An uncensored, video enabled crowd funding option was also a goal and it is THE reason I started here. Support is $5 (or more, if you're led to gift extra) per month, but this month is waived for you. Use code: GETINTENTIONAL for no charge to your card during your first month. After that, you can cancel anytime, but I hope you love it and stay.

Challenge content starts Tuesday, June 1st. Invite your friends!

NOTE: Must support before June 5th to get the free trial. Afterall, it is about being intentional, so I can't have you slacking with entrance past the first week. 😊

I'm excited and I hope God blesses your socks off! Time to break out those flip-flops by faith! 🙌 if you're new and you want to learn more about me, Alli Becker, founder of Keola Christian Fitness.


Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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