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Focus. Restore. Heal. | This community is created to help you intentionally draw near to God, follow His Spirit, & consistently choose well. Why? Your purpose in Christ MATTERS... In the here & now. Life can be hard & have many distractions. Training & community are God's gifts. It's time to build and get intimate. You & me with Holy Spirit. Are you ready? (1 Tim 4:8, John 10:10, Heb 3:13)
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Steel Focus | Get Intentional Challenge

Do you find yourself easily distracted, even small things stealing your focus? How would you like to exchange that stolen focus for STEEL focus?

I can help! For over 12 years, I've been dealing with people (Christians!) who HATE getting quiet. Intense busyness and constant visual/mental stimulation are often a byproduct of this aversion. Those things can affect your attention. I've learned there is a pretty consistent reason for all of this... So, we're gonna tackle it! Together, in the month of June.

Whaaaat? The month when weather heats up (for us in the North of the globe), kids are on break, and best intentions often tank. That's right! If you can nail it in that environment, you are ready to walk in laser-like, Jesus focus when you need it most. This is your training ground.

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I'm excited and I hope God blesses your socks off! Time to break out those flip-flops by faith! 🙌 if you're new and you want to learn more about me, Alli Becker, founder of Keola Christian Fitness.


Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
NEW Position: Relaxing Movement for Day 12 Homework: STEEL Focus Challenge

Introducing Intentional position, a new one for Keola® launched specifically for this #steelfocus Challenge. Sharing it will all our Keola® Fit & Fiery community, not just supporters. This is a great one to start a weekend or after a hard day during the week! I hope you love it!

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Keola Fit@KeolaFit
April 15, 2021
Fit AND Fire Challenge

Intensifying our already difficult Keola® position of the month. Can you do this? There's a modification option shown on the left. Be sure to keep your core strong, pelvis in a powerful neutral, spine long, and work to keep the hip of the raised leg parallel to floor.

Do what you can with your current range of motion and keep at it! This is a great flow for balance and core strength that helps you to focus on the victory of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is your Deliverer and He is very good at what He does!

🔥Fire Challenge: Listen to Psalm 18 and praise Him while you move.🔥

#fitchallenge #firechallenge #Word

Keola Fit@KeolaFit
April 06, 2021
Fit Challenge: Keola® Move of the Month

If you've noticed, I've changed the name of the group. It's hinting to more of what you'll see here. I've already posted some "Fire Challenges" and you can expect to see more. Those are going to challenge you to step into Holy Spirit fire and BE change.

Here's your first official Fit Challenge: Victorious Trinity. Try it! See how long you can hold it. This video walks you through the how-to and offers some options for balance while you grow. Post a selfie for us here in the community. We want to cheer you on!


Breaking Obsession with Perfection | STEEL Focus Challenge

Getting your heart motivation aligned with picture #1 is wonderful, but swipe to photo 2 for the REAL "money" moment. Sharing this one with the whole community, because I know it will bless some of you out there! Be strong in the GRACE that is in Christ Jesus!


Day 14: Wake Up With A Prayer | STEEL Focus Challenge

In light of our conversation yesterday and your time with God in it, I'd like to start Day 14 of our #steelfocus Challenge with a story and powerful word to speak/pray over you. Please read it. Know that it is for YOU. Then, meet me in your Day 14 video anytime afterward. I've got some more movement for you today. Be blessed and FREE!

👀 I was on a Divine treasure hunt in Scripture a few years ago. It was during a tough moment. My kid was sick. I was seeing some breakthrough, but here we were again dealing with the same demon on the same mountain. I cried out to God to speak to me and then opened His Word.

🔷️ "Let My people go that they may SERVE Me." 🔷️ These are the words God spoke through Moses leading up to the exodus from Egypt. Holy Spirit highlighted that word "serve" to me. I thought, "What does it mean to serve You, Lord?" 🤔

This was a people group that had been under heavy oppression for centuries. In our contrastingly entitled culture today, hearing we would ...

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I hope you loved yesterday's 5 min focal adjustment!

Today is the LAST day to invite your friends into this for free. 👇

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#steelfocus #mentalhealth

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